Analyzing Preliminary Responses From Survey

I’m getting closer to the number of responses I would like to get for my survey. Currently I’m at 33 total surveys completed and since this is a good amount I’ve begun to peek at the responses by the participants to get an idea of how they’ve been responding to the questions. 

When formatting this survey, I had made hypotheses on the kinds of responses I was expecting to get from the participants. For instance, I asked a question about if they had taken a class specifically designed for motor speech disorders. Since it might not be all that common to dedicate an entire class to motor speech disorders, I anticipated a few responses. However, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that there are a lot of responses pointing in the affirmative to having taken a motor speech course. Additionally, a lot of students reported that they were very familiar with the concept of evidence based practice overall, which also went against my initial hypothesis. Other questions relating to self efficacy were more in line with my initial hypothesis and the free response answers by the participants have been incredibly interesting to read. I’m really motivated and looking forward to analyzing the results once we reach our desired number of responses. 

How I will go about analyzing my data is something that has also been on my mind given some of the responses are more qualitative than numerical. This is different from some of the research papers I’ve read which more often use quantitative data. Doing the data collection this way will be a learning experience for me and I hope my mentor and I can figure out a way to outline the results neatly. 

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  1. Hi Sara! I am so glad to hear your research has been progressing along and even more excited to see your results! I can’t imagine what it would be like to analyze qualitative data since all of my research has been quantitative. I can imagine it might be more difficult. Perhaps you can use some sort of scale when analyzing it? I hope you find a way! And I am looking forward to hearing about your future updates on this!

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