Language in the Media

Here are some web news stories pertaining to language.

Can AI chatbots replace human subjects in behavioral experiments? | Science | AAAS

Talk to the animals? Study shows some human understanding of creatures’ sounds

Teacher refuses to teach grammar, claiming it is part of white supremacy

One of the oldest written sentences on record blasts hair and beard lice

A 4,000-Year-Old Writing System That Finally Makes Sense To Scholars

Researchers Report Decoding Thoughts from fMRI Data

Students learn Cherokee language, culture at Kansas Public Schools

Are Women Really Better At Words? The Science Answer | Science 2.0 (

Chimps show off their ‘signature’ drum beats – BBC News

DNA Analyses Illuminate Origins of Farming, Ancestral Languages | The Scientist Magazine® (

DeafBlind Communities May Be Creating a New Language of Touch

The Quiet Girl: how a bilingual childhood led to a breakout Irish language film

Dyslexia Affects Visual Processing Beyond Just Reading

Marvel’s Eternals deaf superhero causes massive spike in sign language interest

OSU offers Oklahoma’s first American Sign Language major

Using tools helps you understand language and vice versa

Bilingual employees earn more money than those who speak one language | Financial Post

The debate over language on the (political) left

Lorde Drops Maori-Language Album Of ‘Solar Power’ Songs : NPR

Azure AI empowers organizations to serve users in more than 100 languages

‘Okciyapi’ celebrates Dakota language and brings some healing

Lummi Nation chairman talks culture, language and leading the Tribe through COVID

Netflix’s Squid Game could be inspiring a wave of Korean language learning

Microsoft and Nvidia team up to train one of the world’s largest language models

Minneapolis schools launch Somali language program for native speakers

Yurok people see victory in decades-long effort to revive language

Marie Wilcox, Who Saved Her Native Language (Wukchumni) From Extinction, Dies at 87

The fight to save Hawaii Sign Language from extinction

A Language Bill Deepens a Culture Clash in Quebec

The Power of Storytelling: Reflections on Deaf Culture and American Sign Language

Botswana to introduce 11 local languages in schools by 2022

Spend All Day With This Interactive Map Of NYC’s Astounding Linguistic Diversity

How TikTok creates its automatic subtitles (spoiler alert: they exploit workers)

Translators, experts weigh in on ‘Squid Game’ subtitle debate

Medicinal plant knowledge linked to threatened Indigenous languages

Austin, Travis County launch emergency alert system with American Sign Language

What Prehistoric Cave Paintings Reveal About Early Human Life

Why’s it taken so long for foreign-language characters and words to make it into English cookbooks?

We speak a lot of languages in Canada — elections should reflect our diversity

Oxford English Dictionary goes K-crazy debuting South Korean-derived additions, plus a ‘Caribbean carnaval’ of new entries

The Indo-Caribbean Podcast Exploring History, Linguistics and Culture: The Cutlass

Hispanic and Latino Voices: Exploring Ethnicity, Culture and Identity | Race and Culture

Make English Truly a World Language

Dyslexia works differently than we thought

Speaking Black Dialect in Courtrooms Can Have Striking Consequences

Deaf Infants’ Gaze Behavior More Advanced Than That of Hearing Infants

The Difficulties of Being a Parent’s Translator

These African Animators are saving their languages with cartoons

A New Sign Language!

The simple words that save lives

How the limits of the mind shape human language

The Decline of Yelling

How the Welsh fought back

Bolivia Works to Value Indigenous Languages

How Language Shapes the Brain

Want to expand your toddler’s vocabulary? Find another child

People Who Always Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are Pretty Much Jerks, Study Finds

Indigenous Children Learn Best in Their Own Languages

Do You Speak My Language? You Should

What’s in a Brand Name: the Sounds of Persuasion

Differences In Deaf Babies’ Cognitive Development Begin Earlier In Life

How bad translation by court interpreters can turn misunderstanding into injustice

Haiti’s “linguistic apartheid” violates children’s rights and hampers development

UCI professor uses linguistics, DNA to help long-isolated Colombian community descended from escaped slaves find its roots

The Guarani Language Has Its First Dictionary in Paraguay

When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents?

Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind

The Long Linguistic Journey to ‘Dagnabbit’

‘There are no words’: As coronavirus kills Indigenous elders, endangered languages face extinction

Babies Prefer the Sounds of Other Babies to the Cooing of Their Parents

A Sneaky Theory of Where Language Came From

English Is Not Normal

How the limits of the mind shape human language

Deaf Infants’ Gaze Behavior More Advanced Than That of Hearing Infants

In Hew New Memoir, Cristela Alonzo Talks About the Difficulties of Being Her Mom’s Translator

The Unusual Language That Linguists Thought Couldn’t Exist

The simple words that save lives

Dyslexia Doesn’t Work the Way We Thought It Did

Dog Brains Reveal How Much Human Language They Actually Understand