ILLC 2022 Conference

Directions to Molloy University (formerly Molloy College) here.

Tuesday June 21

Opening 10am-10.15am
Isabelle Barrière, Molloy Universty & Jonathan Nissenbaum, CUNY Brooklyn College, NSF-REU ILLC Directors Program Directors and Program Coordinator Cass LowryIntroduction
Provost Michelle Piskulich, Molloy UniversityWelcome

Session 1 Oral Presentations: 10.15- 11.25am Multilingualism across modalities and in different clinical populations
Manuela Perea, Erin ReillyBilingualism and Autism (abstract and slides)
Victoria Toregrossa, Hia DattaProcessing New Words: A Look Into Bimodal Bilinguals (abstract and slides)
Jaylene Mendoza, Simanique MoodySchool policies, practices, and attitudes regarding bilingualism in students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (slides)

Coffee break 11.25-11.55 Hagan Foyer

Session 2 Oral Presentations: 11.55-1.10pm  Speech perception and production: cross-linguistic and clinical perspectives
Havi Pham, Katrien Vermeire & Jonathan NissenbaumPitch perception, Modified Sine Wave speech, and Cochlear Implants (abstract and slides)
Christa Matthew, Gemma Moya-GaleEffects of group speech treatment via telehealth on acoustic measures and self-perception of voice in Parkinson’s Disease (abstract and slides)
Melanie Rosa-Chaves, Miriam BaigorriCross-Linguistic Speech Perception: Testing Identification Accuracy of Spanish and Portuguese Words by Native Spanish and Portuguese Listeners (abstract and slides)

Lunch 1.10pm-2pm

Presentation 3.15pm- 4pm
Donald Mitchell Jr., Molloy Vice-President for Diversity, Equity and InclusionIntroduction and chair of Q&A
Isabelle Barrière/Molloy University, Jonathan Nissenbaum/Brooklyn College, Nancy Gauvin/University of Pittsburgh, Cass Lowry/Graduate Center, Margareth Lafontant/Developmental Systems, Tabitha Ochtera/Molloy UniversityThe launch of the ILLC Journal– the 1st peer-reviewed and international Undergraduate Journal in Linguistics and Speech-Language-Hearing-Communication Sciences: Undergraduate students: why and how to submit a manuscriptGraduate students: learning to become a reviewerFaculty: encouraging your undergraduate students to submit and your graduate students to review and volunteering to review

 Coffee break 4pm-4.30pm

Session 3 Oral Presentations: 4.30pm-5.10 Phonetics, Phonology, Prosody
Genesia Watters, Valerie ShaferThe Prosodic Features of Questions in Belizean Kriol and Belizean English Among Children in New York City (slides)
Lema Majdalawieh, Faizeh Hamood, Jonathan NissenbaumInteraction of stress and pitch accent Palestinian Arabic Study (abstract and slides)

Wednesday June 22

Session 4 Oral Presentations: 10am- 11am Multilingualism: Processing and Code-Switching
Angel Shaji, Isabelle BarriereIntersection of Malayalam and English in Members of the Malayalam Community in New York (abstract and slides)
Sara Tafur, Isabelle BarriereCode-switching across different contexts by bilingual Colombian Spanish-English speakers: a case study (abstract and slides)
Nadia Calderon, Marisa NaganoProcessing of Overt and Null Subjects in Spanish-English Bilinguals (abstract and slides)

 Coffee break 11am-11.30 Hagan Foyer

Guest lecture and discussion 1.30pm-2.45pm Introducing the Scientific Study of Language to High School students:
Guest Speaker: Cristina Procaccino, World Language Department Chair, Thomas A. Edison High School, Alexandria, VACreating a National Linguistics Network for K-12 Students
Jacqueline Nenchin, PhD, School of Education & Human Services, Molloy University, Long Island  & Kyomi Gregory-Martin, PhD, CCC-SLP, College of Health Professions, Pace University, New YorkDiscussants
Jonathan Nissenbaum, Brooklyn College, CUNY, NSF-REU Director and Margaret Lafontant, Developmental Systems NSF-REU EvaluatorChairs

 Coffee break 2.45pm-3.15pm

Session 4 Oral Presentations: 3.15pm-4.15pm  Language attitude and multidialectalism
Kayla Credle, Simanique MoodyBuilding Black into American Sign Language
Farida Olayele, Isabelle BarriereDialect Shifting of Nigerian Pidgin English speakers when talking with Jamaican Creole Speakers (abstract and slides)
Nariba Cintron, Isabelle BarriereStyle-shifting in Trinidadian English Speakers When Talking Among Themselves and with Jamaican English Speakers in NY (abstract and slides)