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Previously when I wrote about my research I was exploring an idea from the lab I’m a part of at my institution. However my mentor and I decided to go for a different idea a couple months back and explore a subject that is more international. For my new project, we’ve decided to survey the Spanish population of speech pathology students currently in their last year of university. We want to ask them about their feelings of self efficacy in clinical practice for the motor speech population as well as their attitudes and understanding of evidence based practice. Evidence based practice has been a topic of discussion as of lately for the speech association in Spain since it is not commonly discussed and is very necessary for effective treatment. With this survey we will get a taste of what students know about evidence based practice and our research will be very telling of the capacity of evidence based practice in other countries such as Spain. I’m conducting the survey in Spanish and will be putting my translation skills to the test which I’m really looking forward to. At this point, the survey questions have been written and we’re now at the stage of translating and formatting it on qualtrics to disperse hopefully at the end of the month. It’s proven difficult to get replies from Spanish institutions so far, but we have 3 which have confirmed their participation in the study. I’m excited to see what the responses will be like for future clinicians! 

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  1. Wow! This sounds so interesting! I am very shocked at how far along you are in your research! Reading this made me think of how SLP’s around the world go about treatment. I feel like speech language pathology is a fairly new and growing field, especially in other countries. Growing up in Egypt I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone getting speech therapy, but I know it is currently a growing field there too. I wonder If the basis of your research (Other countries not using evidence based practice) is a global-wide issue! I’m excited to follow along with your research updates!

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