NYU Colloquium Announcement: Adeen Flinker (Tuesday February 12, 2019, 1:45pm, 665 Broadway, 9th floor)

NYU Communicative Sciences and Disorders
Colloquium Announcement
February 12, 2019
665 Broadway, 9th floor Conference Room

Adeen Flinker [med.nyu.edu], PhD

NYU Langone, Department of Neurology
Intracranial electrophysiology of speech perception and production

For many decades, the neurobiological basis of language has been dominated by a conceptually dichotomous model in which speech perception is supported by Wernicke’s area in the temporal lobe and speech production is supported by Broca’s area in the frontal lobe. This model has been challenged by lesion and neuroimaging studies suggesting a more complex network of cortical structures supporting language. Many of the questions remaining in the field require a fine-grained temporal resolution together with spatial specificity in order to assay the dynamics of speech. Here I will introduce a series of studies employing direct electrocorticographic (ECoG) recordings in humans, illuminating the dynamics and cascade of neural events from perception to production of speech.


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