Syntax Talk at NYU this Friday

This week at NYU Syntax Brown Bag talk series we have a talk by Leland Kusmer (UMass). The talk will be held on Friday (10/20), at noon, in room 103 of NYU’s Linguistics Deparment (10 Washington Place). The title and abstract are as follows:

Extraction from coordination in Khoekhoegowab
Khoekhoegowab allows a heretofore-unreported predicate coordination construction in which items from the first conjunct may be extract to the prefield, apparently violating the Coordinate Structure Constraint (Ross 1967). This construction parallels the Subject-Gap in Finite Clause construction known from Germanic (see e.g. Kathol 1995). I will present data from original fieldwork demonstrating this construction in Khoekhoegowab and argue that this data is compatible with an analysis in which the conjuncts in SGF are small, i.e. vP or TP sized. I will then sketch a novel analysis drawing on previous work by Bjorkman (2014) and Lin (2001).

All are welcome! As usual, snacks and drinks will be provided. The complete schedule for this semester can be found on the Brown Bag Website.

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