Brief Description and Pictures

Module A:

person s hands on top of macbook air

A. 1: Linguistic analyses applied to French-based Creoles (focus on Guadeloupean, Martinican and Haitian Creoles)

A.2: ethical training to conduct research in different environments (online and in New York)

Module B:

man working on laptop while woman takes notes

Developing and improving B.1: language (including learning or improving
Guadeloupean Creole) (online, in New York) and B.2: cultural competencies (online, in
New York and at the week-end in Guadeloupe)

Module C:

Designing research projects and preparing the data collection (in New York and in Guadeloupe)

woman wearing brown shirt carrying black leather bag on front of library books
man creating a presentation on laptop

Module D:

aerial view of a beautiful island resort

Collecting data (in Guadeloupe)

people looking at presentation

Module E:

Processing and Interpreting the data (in Guadeloupe)

person using a laptop

Module F:

Sharing and disseminating the findings (in Guadeloupe)

woman doing a business presentation