Additional FAQs for the 2021-2022 NSF-REU-ILLC Program

When will I be notified if I got accepted into the NSF-REU-ILLC program?

  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by May 30th

Is there an age requirement for the applying for the NSF-REU-ILLC Program?

  • No, there is no age requirement when applying for the NSF-REU-ILLC program. 

Can I apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC Program as an International Student?

  • As per NSF regulations, prospective students must be a permanent resident or a US citizen.

I live in Pennsylvania; can I still apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC program?

  • Only students residing at a university or college in the NYC, Long Island and New Jersey area can only apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC program. 

I am graduating with my Bachelors Degree in The Spring of 2021 or in the Fall of 2021; can I still apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC program?

  • Students who apply for the program must still be a full time undergraduate student for both the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters since this is an NSF federal requirement.

Can graduate students apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC Program?

  • Graduate students cannot apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC program; it is only opened for undergraduate students. 

Can Community College Students apply to the NSF-REU-ILLC Program?

  • Yes, community college students can and are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Do you need to have a certain major to apply for the NSF-REU-ILLC Program?

  • No. Last year, students who applied, came from a wide variety of majors ranging from Communication Sciences and Disorders, Linguistics, and Psychology.