Academic Talks face-to-face and online:

Talks & FreE CONFERENCES online

Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics: Tuesday October 20 to Friday October 23, at different times and pre-recorded talks:

20-21st October: pre_MPaL workshop on the challenges of measuring language input, uptake and processing in different languages and cultures. The live meetings are 1.5 hours long and you only have to attend one, but you will have some homework to do  beforehand – watching the recorded talks. For information see here.

22-23rd October: Many Paths to Language workshop (MPaL):

GC CUNY PhD. / M.A. Program in Linguistics Colloquium Series,  Fall 2020
All talks are from 4:15pm – 6:00 pm (NY time)

October 8
Speaker: Kyle Gorman, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Title: Abstractness, arbitrariness, and productivity in Polish declension

October 22
Speaker: Steven Piantadosi, Assistant Professor, Psychology  UC Berkeley
Title: One model for the learning of language

November 12
Speaker: Lori Repetti, Professor, Linguistics Stony Brook University, SUNY
Title: The Role of Morphology in Epenthesis

November 19
Speaker: Laura Spinu, Assistant Professor, Communication Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Title: Phonetic and phonological learning in bilinguals: emerging methodologies and areas of research

December 10
Speaker: Valentine Hacquard, Associate Professor, Linguistics University of Maryland
Title: TBA

The Fall 2020 Sociolinguistics series at CUNY Graduate Center will be online and the speakers for this semester include NSF-REU Site Mentor Dr. Moody:

The final line-up for the Sociolinguistics Lunch series for Fall 2020 is copied below.  As CUNY is virtual this semester, all talks will be taking place via Zoom from 2pm-3:30pm (NY time).  See instructions below on how to attend talk.

Please share with your networks and register to receive Zoom links for any talks you plan on attending: []

More detailed information will be provided ahead of each talk. Hope to see you there!

October 9
Policy Talk: The Social Construction of Policy in Social Welfare and Higher Education
Maureen Matarese, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
November 6
“But they’re illiterate”: Discourses of the Illiteracy of Bilingual Latinx students in Heritage and Foreign Language Education
Erica Saldívar García, New York University

November 20
Ettounsi and Tamazight Writing Variations: Is Facebook Leading the Change Towards Vernacular Literacies in the Context of Tunisia?
Soubeika Bahri, University of Colorado, Denver
December 4
Diversity of Plantations, Diversity of Black Experiences: A New Look at the Development of African American Language in Georgia
Simanique Moody, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Time: 2:00 – 3:30 PM (NY time), via Zoom
Register: []

Abralin: the Brazilian Linguistics Association organized a series of online talks (many of them are in English) in the past few months, that is continuing this fall. For upcoming talks starting Monday September 14 at 7PM, go to:

Highlights of past talks in this series include:

Marilyn Vihman on First Steps In Language Development: The Role of Production and the Emergence of Lexical Systematicity (2020) (1 hour 25 mn)

Shana Poplack on Code-Switching (introduction in Brazilian Portuguese, switches to English at 5”45) (1 hour)

Michel DeGraff on Black Lives Will Not Matter Until our Languages also Matter: The Politics of Linguistics and Education In Post-Colonies (2 hours and 30 mn)

David Poeppel on Rhythms of Speech and Rhythms of Brains ( 1 hour and 10 mn)

Ray Jackendoff on The Texture of the Lexicon: Relational Morphology in the Parallel Architecture ( 1 hour and 35 mn)

William Labov on “Justice as a Linguistic Matter” ( 1 hour 10 mn, introduction in Brazilian Portuguese for 7 mn)

Linguistics Flash-Mobs:

‘Linguistics Flash – Mobs” is a series of video conferences thought to be a
way to keep the linguistic community connected during this troublesome period.
In each conference, two scholars will face long-standing theoretical issues
making use of different frameworks: fun is guaranteed with these ”sword

Highlights of past presentations include:

Gillian Ramchland and Hagit Borer on Event structure moderated by David Adger (1 hour and 20 mn) Ian Roberts and Giuseppe Longobardi discuss the notion of parameters moderated by M.R. Manzini (1 hour and 25 mn)

Ian Roberts and Giuseppe Longobardi on the notion of parameters moderated by M.R. Manzini (1 hour and 20 mn)

The ”Linguistics Flash – Mobs” video conferences will be streamed on youtube
at the following link:

Program Information:

There will two flash-mobs in September.

On September 10 at 6,30 CET, Andrea Moro (Istituto Universitario di Studi
Superiori, Pavia) and David Poeppel (New York University/MPI Empirische
Ästhetik, Frankfurt a.M.) will debate the topic of ”Language in the brain”.
Moderator will be Maria Teresa Guasti (Università degli studi di

On September 24 at 6,30 CET, Ianthi Maria Tsimpli (University of Cambridge)
and Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh) will debate the topic ”Second
language acquisition”. Moderator will be Elena Pagliarini (Università degli
studi di Padova).

Anyone interested in receiving the link to the Zoom-meeting is kindly asked to
send an e-mail to:

Various language acquisition talks:

Janna Oetting (2014) Language Impairment in Children who Speak Nonmainstream Dialects at ASHA (1 hour)

Johanne Paradis (2014) Discriminating Children with SLI Among English Language-Learners at ASHA (1 hour)

Australian Hearing Hub Inaugural Conference 2013: Plenary Session 3 – Professor Katherine Demuth on interface between phonological and morphosyntactic development in typically developing children and children with hearing impairment (2013) (30 mn)

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD: High quality language environments create high quality learning environments ( 1 hour and 15 mn)

Patricia Khul, PhD on the linguistic genius (infant speech perception) (2011) (13 mn)

Tim Keeley – The Age Factor in Foreign Language Acquisition (2017) (35 mn)

Series on Patients with Brain Damage:

CStart Center for Aphasia Recovery at the University of South Carolina: An excellent series of talks- past and upcoming

Various talks on language and identity:

Robyn Giffen on identifying yourself through language: research in the Nabit speakinh community (16 mn)

Vera Regan: what’s your speaking style says about you (16mn)

Series of talks in the NY-tri state area:

  • Anthropology colloquium series at the Graduate Center: here
  • Linguistics CIRCL Talk Series (Faculty and Graduate Students) at the Graduate Center: here
  • Sociolinguistics Lunch Series at the Graduate Center: here
  • Linguistics colloquium series at the Graduate Center: here
  • Cognitive Science Talks at the Graduate Center: here
  • Linguistics talks at NYU: here
  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Colloquia at the Graduate Center: here
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders events at NYU: here
  • Semantics group at NYU: here
  • Department of Psychology events at Columbia: here
  • Department of Linguistics at SUNY Stony Brook talks and defenses: here
  • Department of Psychology at Brooklyn College colloquia: here
  • Linguistics Friday Lunch talks at Yale: here
  • Upcoming Linguistics Colloquia at Rutgers: here
  • Staff Talks at Haskins Laboratories: here
  • Psychology lecture series at Fordham: here

~Individual talks are posted here ~