Academic Talks:

Talk Series (Fall 2022)

The Graduate Center, CUNY

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Program’s Colloquium Series (schedule)

Linguistic Program’s Colloquium Series (schedule)


Communicative Sciences and Disorders Colloquium Series (schedule)

Department of Linguistics public talks (upcoming events)

Department of Psychology public talks (upcoming events)

Columbia University

Psychology Colloquia and public seminars (info for upcoming events)

Computer Science Distinguished Lecture Series (schedule)

International Linguistic Association monthly lecture series 2022-23 (schedule)

Abralin Linguists online (schedule, past talks – search by subfield and topic) – The Brazilian Linguistics Association organized a series of online talks (many of them are in English) during the beginning of the pandemic. Due to its huge success, it has now become a regular series. Read more about the talks here.