Academic Talks:

Upcoming Talks (Fall 2021)

CUNY Graduate Center Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Program’s Colloquium Series (schedule) – professional researchers and speech pathologists present on their work monthly. These are great talks to learn more about the field of speech pathology.

CUNY Graduate Center Linguistic Program’s Colloquium Series (schedule) – professional speakers (Professors, academics in industry) present on their research monthly. This is a great place to learn about state-of-the-art research in the subfields of linguistics.

CUNY Graduate Center Linguistic Program’s CIRCL series (schedule) – a student-run conference series put on by the linguistics graduate students. Students present their ongoing research in a relatively relaxed environment.

Abralin Linguists online (schedule, past talks – search by subfield and topic) – The Brazilian Linguistics Association organized a series of online talks (many of them are in English) during the beginning of the pandemic. Due to its huge success, it has now become a regular series. Read more about the talks here.

Selected Past Talks (recorded)

Linguistics Flash-Mobs: (link to YouTube page)

A series of video conferences thought to be a way to keep the linguistic community connected during the pandemic. In each conference, two scholars will face long-standing theoretical issues making use of different frameworks: fun is guaranteed with these ”sword fights”!

Abralin Linguists Online:

Various language acquisition talks:

Series on Patients with Brain Damage:

Various talks on language and identity: