New M.S. in Computational Linguistics

From: Anna Feldman

I’m a professor of Linguistics and Computer Science at Montclair State University. We’re launching a new degree here at Montclair and I thought some of your majors/minors might be interested in it. I’m attaching a flyer and some info below.

Here’s the link to the new program:

We have a  number of Graduate Assistantship positions, which will be awarded on a competitive basis.

We are also organizing a webinar new week:
Computational Linguistics (MS) Webinar – Register Now
Event date and time: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM (ET)

Flyer here

Extra Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Colloquium @ the Grad Center

Extra Colloquium: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 2:45-4pm
365 Fifth Ave. Room 7102

Loan-word adaptation in Palestinian Arabic and Hebrew

Lior Laks/Bar-Ilan University

This talk will examine language contact in Palestinian Arabic (PA) and Hebrew.  I will examine cases in which the two languages borrow English words and apply different types of strategies of morphological adaptation.

Focus is on two main case studies:

(i) the formation of denominative verbs and the competition between verbal patterns (e.g. PA fannaš ‘finished’, tnarfaz ‘became nervous’ and Hebrew fikses ‘faxed’);

(ii)  pluralization of loan nouns in PA and the competition  between sound plural (e.g.  faks-faksa:t ‘fax’),  broken plural  (folder-fala:dir ‘folder’)  and cases where both plural forms exists (ballo:n-ballo:na:t/balali:n ‘balloon’).

In the talk I consider the different criteria that are taken into account in selection of one formation strategy over another and will shed light on the degree of integration of loanwords. Focus will be on non-concatenative word formation and the status of the consonantal root.

Interested students and faculty are welcome to join us in the 8th-floor cafeteria at 1pm to buy lunch and converse with Profs. Laks and Obler.

Current Cohort News: Yerania Poline

We are pleased to announce that Yerania Poline presented a poster on her program project, titled The Comprehension of Subject-Verb Agreement in Dominican Spanish-Speaking Preschoolers, at the 6th Annual Language, Linguistics and Life Conference at Temple University in Philadelphia, on April 12th, 2019. She presented in both Spanish and English. Photo below!

Petition for Indigenous languages as World Heritage

From: Pierre Pica
Subject: Indigenous languages as World Heritage

Dear colleagues,

Indigenous people living in the Amazon basin are more and more at risk of losing their unique culture and language. We propose you to sign a petition, created by Noam Chomsky, Valeria Chomsky, and Pierre Pica, in order to promote the inclusion of the indigenous languages of the Amazon basin as an integral part of the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity:

We thank you in advance for your support.

— Pierre Pica

Alumni News: Moné Skratt Henry

Congratulations to Moné Skratt Henry, who presented at the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM, a conference for undergraduate and graduate students from under-represented minorities in Higher Education!  It was held in February, in Washington, DC, and Moné’s paper, “Phrase Boundary Blinks in American Sign Language,” was one of the very few in Psychology and Linguistics.

Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant: Position at University of Maryland

Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 12:58:40
From: Andrea Zukowski []
Subject: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics: Researcher, University of Maryland, USA

University or Organization: University of Maryland
Department: Linguistics
Job Location: Maryland, USA
Web Address:
Job Title: Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant
Job Rank: Researcher

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland is looking to fill
up to 3 full-time positions for post-baccalaureate researchers. Starting date
for all positions is late Summer or Fall 2019.

Salary is competitive, with benefits included. The positions would be ideal
for individuals with a BA or BS degree who are interested in gaining
significant research experience in a very active research group as preparation
for a research career.

Applicants must already have permission to work in the US, or be a Canadian
citizen or permanent resident, and should have completed a BA or BS degree by
the time of appointment. The ability to interact comfortably with a wide
variety of people (and machines) is a distinct advantage. Applicants may
request to be considered for all 3 positions.

The positions are open until filled. For best consideration, applications
should be submitted by April 15, 2019. However, review of applications will
begin immediately.

Details about these positions may be found at the application link below.

Application Deadline: 15-Apr-2019 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Web Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Dr. Andrea Zukowski
Phone: 301-405-5388